To support today’s business processes and goals, all corporate data needs to be universally accessible, flexible, certifiably accurate, and reusable. Organizations need to know more about what is in their source systems, they need to be able to integrate data from multiple systems into new, more productive data-intensive applications, and they need to be able to cleanse and enhance data as well as monitor and manage the quality of data as it is used in different applications.

Data quality and data integration technologies have evolved to support organizations grappling with fragmented and defective data.

Informatica offers an enterprise data integration and data quality platform that allows your organization to implement a comprehensive, full-lifecycle approach to addressing data quality, both upstream and downstream. This enterprise platform includes the leading profi ling, quality, and integration products Informatica PowerExchange®, Informatica Data Explorer™, Informatica Data Quality™, and Informatica PowerCenter®.

Informatica is the world’s number one independent provider of data integration software.